Who Opus is for

Opus members are digital entrepreneurs, coding artisans and tech facilitators….

Have a read of the profiles below to see if there’s a cultural fit.

Dr. Amy McKee

As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist I have observed online behaviour as an extension of offline activity and the two constructs are intrinsically linked. Making informed, professional inferences over online activity can support and assist businesses who want to use these insights in an ethical, supportive and constructive manner.

Tom Jennings

As a millennial, I hardly recall a world pre-internet. Growing up coinciding with the development of smartphone technology and social media, not only gives me lifelong experience in their ever adapting functionality and marketing capabilities but it's built into me, an eagerness to know the next social platform and have the upcoming gizmo on pre-order... Unashamedly an Apple junky!

Dave McMullen

Never in history has there been a better time for you to start and grow a business that brings excitement and makes an inspiring difference to the world. By creating hundreds more digitally empowered teams and business leaders, we will transform Warrington and create a town that works for more people.

Andy Connell

Growing up in the '80s with great movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner, War Games, Tron and Weird Science, I've always had a deep interest in tech. Having had some great jobs, in communications with Orange, BT and The Royal Corps of Signals [UK Army], I now design, develop and market websites.

My business, uses a diverse range of tech & digital products to help my own customers get online, not only with a great looking website but we also help clients with cloud-based IT solutions and internet security for themselves and their business.

Stephen McManus

With digital and tech moving fast it's essential that, as an individual in business, I remain ahead of the curve. This allows me to continue to help local businesses reinvent and accelerate by uniting creativity, technology and data.

Neil Taylor

With travel being a huge part of my role, digital systems and technology provide me with all the tools that I need to communicate with colleagues and customers, access and share information, and work effectively and efficiently. No matter whether I’m in the office or on the road, anywhere in the world!

Michael Lyon

Keeping track of customers and leads, as well as their conversations, quotes and invoices, would be a time consuming and difficult task if it wasn’t for the use of CRM systems & digital invoicing systems, and cross-software integration between these and email.

Ben Hart

As an out-and-out forward in the traditional number nine role, I have played for a variety of amateur and very amateur football clubs in the locality. Relying solely on strength and weight to bully defenders, I have a small but clinical range of skills that can be transferred easily into a professional context. Open to offers of professional, semi-professional and amateur roles I am at home on the bench and field alike.

Chris Lightfoot

Chris is the founder of 13 creative, he loves his Starbucks coffees – good fuel for his Toughmudder challenges.

Lucy Edmonds

Lucy is an account director at 13 Creative, she loves making her chia seed and blueberry jam, and can quote every word from the Gut Health cookbook!

Selina Dooley

Selina is a senior designer at 13 creative. She loves her food and believes in the ‘see-food’ diet